Free fruit machines:  Introduction

125x125.20luckyemperorYou will find free fruit machines games at several online casinos.  Some online casino review sites offer links to free fruit machines games as well.  When you visit an online casino site, look out for the ‘fun mode’ which means you can play fruit machines games for fun without having to fork out any cash.

Free Fruit machines:  Why do Online Casinos Offer Them?

It may seem strange to you that online casinos offer free fruit machines games when people are prepared to pay to take part in these fun games.  Well, you know the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch?  The saying also applies here.  Yes, you get to play free fruit machine games but the reason behind it is to lure you to play in real money mode at a later stage.

Think about it, it would be easier not to play fruit machine games if you never played it. When you start playing these games for free, you often see how much fun it is and start to play it more often.  And it usually takes only one jackpots that you won’t receive the money from, to make you change to real money mode.

Free fruit machines:  Favorites

Here is a list of seven popular free fruit machines games:
•    Free Cash n Curry
•    Free Treasure Ireland
•    Free Gee Gees
•    Free You Lucky Barstard
•    Free Pub Fruity
•    Free Game On
•    Free Who Wants to be a Stallionaire

Free fruit machines: Use Your Bonus to Play Free Fruit Machines

If your favorite online casino does not offer online casino free fruit machine games, you can always make use of their bonuses to ensure that you get to play it for free.  Let’s look at a couple of different online casino bonuses that you can use to play free fruit machines games.

Before we start, I just want you to understand that online casino bonuses come with a whole host of terms and conditions to protect the casino from losing money.  Although you get extra free money, they make sure that you are not likely to walk away with more money than you started with.

Welcome bonuses are very popular and this is sometimes referred to as a sign up bonus or a new player Bonus.  A lot of welcome bonuses are for a hundred dollars. You will find ones that are bigger but these often come with more strings attached.

Percentage bonuses are also very popular and most online casinos offer these.  Percentage bonuses vary from around 25% to 500%. When a casino gives you a 100% extra for every deposit you make, this is called a matching money bonus or an even money bonus.  This means that they will match your deposit amount dollar for dollar.

If you are signing up for a fifty percent percentage bonus the online casino will give you fifty extra cents for every dollar you deposit with them.